Is Your Dog Having a Senior Moment? Senilife Helps with Canine Dementia and Anxiety

My Deaf “Velcro” Papillon Has Dog Dementia and Anxiety

dog supplement senior dog anxiety and dementia

Marion in Sedona, AZ, with ears peaked straining to hear when she was going deaf, easily tired at 12 years old before finding Senilife.


Marion, my 13 year old papillon is driving me crazy with her anxieties.  The beautiful old gal is suffering senior dog dementia and anxiety.  She is always under foot, and having gone deaf, she doesn’t have the ability to hear my movements.  Now I’m constantly stepping on her, and my anxiety level is through the roof.  It’s a spiraling nightmare.

Marion should be resting, but instead she’s trying to anticipate my every move, constantly jumping up and down off of every piece of furniture thinking that might be where I’m going next.  It’s painful for her and painful for me to watch!

Yay for Senilife!

Thank goodness I recently found a supplement specifically for the senior dog, Senilife – click here to check it out on Amazon.  They have the gooey stuff nicely packaged in soft squeeze capsules with an easy cut of tip.  It’s a bright red soft capsule full of antioxidants and supplements that’s easy to see and super easy to deal with.

Gone are the days of breaking a fish oil capsule and squirting that nastiness all over my hand and the dogs’s face, yay!  I know fish oil is good for dogs, but it’s dangerous trying to pop open a capsule with a knife tip.  Been there, done that.

I am so glad to have my dog return to herself.  Before Senilife she had become a different dog.  Her personality was gone.  She was just a furry ball of anxiety which technically isn’t contagious, but it sure feels like it is.  One capsule a day has helped her regain her life and my sanity.

Now my girlie can enjoy watching me from the comfort of her mats and pillows in each room.  I absolutely love looking over at my best friend all cozy and beautiful with her big eyes watching me, or eyes closed and feet twitching to a memory of agility competition.  We are both so much happier!

It’s also good for cats.  For larger dogs click here for a larger capsule with more gooey stuff inside. Find it at: Amazon

Finally, Marion gets to enjoy some comfort and rest — me too!

dog dementia anxiety

Marion at 13 years, getting some much needed rest from the anxieties of going deaf and getting old.

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