Hemp Oil For Dogs

Marion is hoping for something new to help her with her aging brain and body. She has very cutely made a nest of a plastic bag in the kitchen, but she looks stressed.

Have you heard of hemp oil for dogs?

That look on her face with the ears straining to hear any possible sounds…. she seems to be embodying  Huey Lewis and the News’s famous song, “I Want a New Drug!”

CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs for Pain and Age Related Issues

I’ve got good news for her; it’s a great time to be an old dog.  CBD hemp oil for dogs is hitting the market in a big way.  I had just ordered theses two brands from Amazon the day before I saw a newscast on a prime time network promoting one of them.  I crossed my fingers hoping that my order was already shipped!  Marion loves this one – Hemp Chewz , and they love her.  She’s playing and mouse hunting again! I am so glad I got it right away!

CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs with Anxiety

The other one is great for me, but she sometimes looks at me with that knowing glare that says, “I know you’re giving me L-Theanine to calm me down.  Does that mean you’re about to leave me home alone?”  Yes, we have always had issues with separation anxiety, and I have tried to give her treats with L-Theanine before.  She would only try them once and then refuse.  These she loves, and she knows it’s nap time by herself.  I highly recommend True Hemp supplement chews calming support for dogs, especially for anxiety prone best friends.

Read Labels for Weight or Quantity to Compare Price

If you want to compare prices, they’re actually equal because the more expensive Hemp Chewz contains three times the treat pieces of the the True Hemp.  I like them both!  I cut the Hemp Chewz in half and the True Hemp in quarters for Marion, a ten pound papillon.

Easy dropper CBD Oil for Dogs

I got Sadie’s Legacy 1 oz. 200 mg CBD oil for dogs from Nature’s Way Botanicals in Glendale, AZ.   It is made with a coconut oil and grape seed oil base, no alcohol – that’s important for the animals.  They don’t like any extracts in alcohol.  Marion rests really well with this mixed in with some tincture for her heart, Young at Heart, and some powdered supplements, mushroom, milk thistle, alfalfa, glucosamine and Shen Calmer.  You don’t need all of that unless your dog, like Marion, runs lightning speed with a heart murmer….

I didn’t find this brand on Amazon, but here is a link to many others.  The quantity of CBD listed in milligrams is per the whole bottle, not per dose.  When comparing prices, check the ounces of liquid in the bottle as well as the CBD mg which is for the whole bottle.  Make sure there is no alcohol or other solvents!

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