Learn Handling Skills with Great DVD’s, You Tube Videos and Online Training

Play them over and over until you get it! REWIND…..  especially great for newbies to really learn handling skills!

Some of the best training tools to learn how to be a good handler are DVD’s and You tube videos that you can replay over and over.  Sounds like training and handling….yep, I mean the “over and over” part.  I found that preparing myself by watching the DVD’s helped me with the immense learning curve of a new handler.  I could watch them until I felt confident that I understand the “what and why” of all these various behaviors which seemed so scattered individually, but put together as a whole make the best competitive performance canine/human teams.

DVD’s, You Tube, and online training sites

Here are some of my favorites:

Greg Darrett

Anything by Greg Darrett – just search his name and you’ll find loads of help on both foundation and agility training.  You’ll also find lots of blogs on agility.  Greg’s landmark DVD called, Great Dog, Shame About the Handler, is a must for newbies.  It sets the tone for a great inter-species relationship.  When I got my copy, they were hard to find and expensive.

I just did a preliminary search and Amazon says both of Greg’s classics, Great Dog, Shame About the Handler and Great Dog Great Handler, The Winning Combination are unavailable.  I did see some You Tube stuff and an agility site with Greg’s handling system, Ultimate Agility .  Online training.  When I get a new puppy, I’ll definitely check it out.

Susan Garrett

I like anything by Susan Garrett especially her DVD, Crate Games for Self Control and Motivation .  The title says it all. Click on it and you’ll link to the DVD on Amazon.  If you just train your dogs to do half of what hers can do, you’ll be very pleased.

Turid Rugaas

This book is a must for all human beings, dog lovers or not, On Talking Terms With Dogs:Calming Signals.  If kids read this in school, there would be far less dog bites and attacks.  Click on Turid Rugaas and you’ll see several titles that she has written on canine behavior.  It’s all from her own research.  There’s also a DVD, Calming Signals: What Your Dog Tells You.

Learn handling skills

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