Martingale Leashes and Collars

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Martingale Style Collar with Attached Leash

Who Has Time to Fiddle with Buckles at the Start Line?

Martingale leashes slip on and off over the head. The kind I’m talking about  are not the thin rope that you see rescue agencies using to snag an out of control dog or the super well trained show dogs in conformation.  The type I’m recommending here are used for well trained, high drive, sport dogs who need to have their collar removed quickly when they are at the start line.

Performance dogs are required to be on leash prior to entering their competition ring and need to get out of that collar with seamless ease and grace.  They know the leash is just a formality.  They know they’re only wearing it because there are so many uncaninelike rules in the world.  Off it comes, and the performance dog proudly takes center stage!

Safety and Comfort First!

Marion and I love these collars.  I searched and searched to find the best Martingale collar/leashes.  Our favorite has a widened throat area lined with faux fur.  This widened fur lined area protects the neck and throat from hard pulls – my girl has high drive and pulls hard to get into the ring.

Standard collars are painful on the throat with a dog that pulls.  I’ve been warned that pulling on regular collars can damage the throat.  The Martingale style collar used in conformation trials is too thin.  Any yanking or hard pull will hurt just as it would with a choke chain.

Oops, I just searched Clean Run for my Martingale leash (I bought 4 there 10 years ago) and all they have now are some skinny slip leads.  Yuk!  I’ll have to search elsewhere.  If you see some like I describe, please send me a link.

Update: Ok, I found some.

This first class leather with faux fur lining Martingale collar at Amazon attaches to any leash.

This pinky is very soft looking and comes in many colors though still only a collar also at Amazon.

This one at Etsy is a similar webbing style to what we use except ours doesn’t have any metal parts.

Here’s a cool looking one I’d like to try at specifically named for Italian Greyounds and Whippets, which explains it all with one thought of those delicate throats and their fast speed.

Have fun shopping and running!  I’ll work more on these later…stay with me!

When I Found the Wide Neck Fur Lined Martingale Leash Marion is Wearing, I bought Four.  Can’t Find Them Now…
Best for agility sport dog

Padded Wide Neck Martingale Leash from 10 + Years Ago

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