Mushroom Powder for Dogs?

Why Mushroom Powder for Dogs?

For Marion, the papillon, it was her bone and joint health that sent me searching and was recommended Bixbi Joints, a mushroom supplement for dogs and cats – click here to see it at Amazon.  Around ten years old Marion had back pain from two bone spurs growing toward each other in her spine.  They made a creepy bone on bone click sound when I picked her up and she started running away if I got out the harness.  She had to take a break from running agility; I thought she’d have to retire for good.

Where do you find this stuff?

I went into the most awesome pet food / herb shop in Denver, Co, run by a super knowledgeable herbalist/alchemist woman.  I started chatting her up because my son is an alchemist.  She said I didn’t want any of the joint products on her shelves, rather she had a new product in the back, not yet out.  Mushroom powder for dogs.  A product by Bixbi, out of Boulder, Co.  We had used some of their fortified treats like Bixbi Hip and Joint with glucosamine and condroitin – click here, and Bixbi Skin & Coat Dog Jerky Treats – click here, so I went forward to give it a try.  Now it’s available at Amazon, which is where all of these product links go.  You’ll see a line of four mushroom supplements for dogs and cats, click on each one, Immunity, Digestion, Skin & Coat, and Joints.  Please remember to sign in through Amazon Smile and choose an animal protection organization for the donation, Thanks!

Four Years of Senior Agility Sport Dog Love

Four years later, so glad to say the bones grew together nicely.  Marion ceased having pain and ran another three years of high-drive super-fast agility until the advancement of the heart murmur she had gotten when a vet overdosed her at one year of age in preparation for the spay she never got. That’s another story that I’ll link to when I write it.  Suffice it to say that I now have 14 years of experience searching out healing supplements for her, miracle dog.  Besides supporting healthy joint function, Bixbi Joints mushroom supplement for dogs and cats supports a healthy heart and immune system.  It’s still helping Marion deal with congestive heart failure and the medicines that entails.

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best for agility sport dog

Little Marion has lost all of her fringe from years of living in the forest, but she hasn’t lost her love of play!

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