Non Standard Agility Equipment at Zoom Room

Dog agility equipment indoors

This is how indoor agility should look. Full sized equipment with plenty of handling room.

Be Careful of Non Standard Agility Equipment at Zoom Room

Agility Equipment Made to Look Standard

I’m not saying, “don’t go there”.  I just want you to realize that you need to be careful of non standard agility equipment at Zoom Room.  This includes and a frame and dog walk that look from a distance just like real equipment, but instead are made of hard molded plastic type material without any rubberized grip tread.  they molded it to look like tread, but it is hard and slippery.

Not Enough Room for a Course With So Much Agility Equipment

There is also not enough room in their rooms to run a course.  You always need to be careful of those overly tight turns on your performance dog’s shoulders and hips.  I have a small dog, so I was able to at least move most of the equipment out of the way and work a few jumps to get some air conditioned practice for my girl.  Then I sat outside in my and shuddered as I saw Australian Shepherds heading in for a class in that tiny space with non standard agility equipment.  I wanted to jump out and scream, “noooo…”

We All Use Non Standard Agility Equipment to Save Money

I have bought lots of mini and faux, non standard agility equipment for practice at home.  It’s easy with a small dog and a lot cheaper.  I even have a small area, so maybe that’s how I knew how to utilize the visits I prepaid at Zoom Room.  Plus I stopped by another one when traveling. It can be useful for practicing behaviors and jumps, but I would stay off the A-frame and dog walk (don’t remember if they have a teeter) The point here is that it is not a place for fast driven, performance dogs.  They need full sized courses with top quality equipment.

In short, be careful, don’t run courses on faux equipment in a small space. Do single obstacle practice, distance, or discriminations and enjoy the air conditioning..

You can find lots of inexpensive training equipment at Amazon, click here.  My same recommendation applies to them as above.  If you are able to build some of you own equipment, click here for a book to help with design.


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