Sore Muscles and Joints In Dogs After Trialing or Just Plain Old Age?

What Can You Do For Sore Muscles and Joints In Dogs After Trialing and For Old Age? Basil Keeps Them Walking, Running, Jumping, and More Comfortable!

My papillon, Marion, wouldn’t even be able to jump up on the couch these days if it weren’t for Basil.  Yes, Basil, the herb you use for Italian or Thai cooking, the one that makes Pesto so green.  Also known as Holy Basil by those offering it in teas as an anti inflammatory.  The sweet and short – it works on both humans and dogs.  Its anti-inflammatory properties help the sore muscles and joints in dogs and humans.

Frozen Mini Cubes at Trader Joe’s

I buy the frozen package of mini cubes at Trader Joe’s and smash a 1/2 cube into Marion’s food twice a day for old age joint maintenance.  She loves it and I don’t have to give her Veterinary Prescription Metacam. When she was running agility, up to age 13, I would give her a whole cube and make pesto for myself after trialing.  I grow Basil which I use to make pesto that I spread on bread and basil olive oil that I use on everything.  I proved it worked after a day of moving I had pesto pasta for dinner and my husband had something else.  The next day he could barely move and I was fine.
It helped both my sore muscles and joints as well as my dog’s, since she never gave up following me around all day.

Pesto Sauce is Too Oily For Dogs

I’ve recommended Basil to many dog owners and have always heard good results.  Please do not give your dog Pesto  Sauce because the primary ingredient is OIL.  Stick with either fresh or frozen Basil without any oil.  When I start chopping fresh herbs, Basil and Cilantro, my papillon comes and stands right below the cutting board in anticipation.  Hard to imagine, but she knows they’re good for her. She doesn’t like having sore muscles and joints and falling backwards as she’s trying to jump on the couch or having her shoulders crumple when she jumps off….no, no, no.

Need to Break Down The Cell Walls of Plants For Dogs to Absorb the Nutrients

Frozen is easiest because the freezing process breaks down the plant cell walls and makes it easy for your dog to absorb the contents of the leaves.  If using fresh basil, you need to smash it or cook it to break those walls for your pet to access its goodness.

Thanks for reading and sharing.  Run Fast, Run Clean!

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