Weave Pole Training at Home or in a Park

Can You Ever Get Enough Weave Pole Training in Class?

Absolutely not.  We must have access to our own weave poles either for backyard use or taking to a park.  Weave pole training requires many hours of practice on a consistent basis.  Hopefully your instructor has an extra set outside of the class ring with guides so you can come early and warm up your agility sport dog.  Even so, you still need some practice during the rest of the week between classes.

You Can Get Some Good Weave Pole Training With Inexpensive Poles and Guides.

For home and travel weave pole training, you can manage with some lightweight poles that have a spike coming out the bottom to push into the soil.  They don’t damage lawns, and only once in a while will you find the soil too hard.  They come with a strip of webbing with grommet holes spaced and just the right distance. Add to that some clip on guide wires and you’re good to practice anywhere you want.

Click to see these affordable poles on Amazon.

Short poles with spikes for smaller dogs – These make it easy to guide the dog while on leash.

Longer poles with spikes for larger dogs

Length of webbing with grommets at spacing intervals (if you can’t eyeball it)

Spikes that you can add to poles you buy from your local hardware store

Poles without spikes for concrete or solid surfaces

Clip on guides


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